Goal of study

01. Beginner level

Listening ○Learn correct intonation and accent of Japanese for accurate pronunciation.
○Understand simple conversation and recognize the pronunciation, vowel and consonant.
Conversation ○Learn simple conversation expressions necessary for daily life – greeting, self introduction, shopping, restaurant, etc.
○Learn correct Japanese pronunciation and remove the mother tongue’s accent.
Reading ○Learn 1,500 words and read about 300 Kanji.
○Read the paper and understand the contents based on the word and expression that he learned.
Writing ○Learn Japanese letter (Hiragana, Katakana) and basic Kanji.
○ Use Japanese letter and write short sentence, letter and diary.

02. Intermediate level

Listening ○Understand television and radio program and find out the story line. Use simple conversation expression in the daily life.
Conversation ○Learn correct accent, intonation of Japanese and roundabout expression commonly used in Japanese and gestures.
○Present his opinion or thinking in front of others.
Reading ○Learn about 6,000 words and read about 1,000 Kanji.
○Read simple and short novel and article besides letter, essay, etc.
Writing ○Use uniformly and write with proper word and expression according to the type of article.
○Write article according to the four steps in composition.

03. Advanced level

Listening ○Understand lecture, presentation, speech and news, etc with the same level of native speaker.
Conversation ○Express his opinion in the class and discussion by using proper word and expression.
○Have conversation with native speaker naturally.
Reading ○Study about 10,000 word and read about 2,000 kanji.
○Read all types of article and understand the contents by using dictionary.
Writing ○Express his own opinion logically in article or paper.
○Use proper word and expression in the article with well-organized passage.