Optional course

01. EJU Lecture

Subject Japanese(listening・reading), English(Handout that we developed), Mathematics, Social Science subject, Natural Sciences subject(Physics・Chemistry)

※If the number of students are under 5, lectures will be cancelled.
Time/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1st class Kanji study Japanese Kanji study English or
Social science
Kanji study
2nd class Word Japanese Reading English or
Social science
3rd class Grammar Math or
Social science
Reading Japanese Grammar
4th class Listening Math or
Social science
Listening Japanese Listening

02. Japanese ability test preparation

Lecture Lectures according to the analysis of recent tests
Subjects Reading, Language ability(word・grammar), Listening
Time/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1st class Kanji study Language Kanji study Reading Kanji study
2nd class Word Language Reading Reading Word
3rd class Grammar Listening Reading Language Grammar
4th class Listening Listening Listening Language Listening

03. BJT examination preparation : Advanced level

Lecture Hosted by Kanji test association Business Japanese test(BJT)prepartion lecture
Subject ○Business conversation(reception, suggestion, request, other role play)
○Katakana (term of current affairs frequently used in the newspaper)
○Fixed expression

04. Japanese culture

Lecture Japanese culture (traditional events, origin of place and things, custom)