Counseling on academic path

Counseling on your academic path starts soon after your entrance (refer to attached file「Yearly guidance plan」). Starting from interview with your primary teacher, we provide advice related to EJU test preparation, Japanese ability test preparation, academic path, etc. Academic path advisory service is provided through 1-2 years and includes instruction of article writing and interview practice.
We provide full range of services to make you achieve the goal with love and respect to students.Entering higher education is made of a lot of efforts of teacher and students.

Month Test schedule Japanese
ability test
EJU test Academic
path counseling
Choose the exam prepare class in optional course Choose EJU subjects in optional course Interview after entrance
May Midterm exam
June Final exam EJU test Based on the test resut, provide the proper education
1st Japanese Ability test
August Midterm exam Counseling
September Final exam
November Midterm exam EJU test Article writing
December Final exam 2nd Japanese Ability test
February Midterm exam
March Final exam