Characteristics of school

Characteristics of school

01. Class with free and open atmosphere

You can only improve your language ability through the active participation to the class. Teachers of our school provide bright and open atmosphere that encourages you to participate in the class.

02. Practical Japanese study

From the beginner level (greeting, shopping, requiring and refusing) to the advanced level, we provide practical Japanese conversation lecture according to students’ level.

03. Performance management

We implement 2 regular examinations (midterm / final) in 1 semester for the performance Check of student. Students’ performance will be released on the board and we guide you to overcome your weakness.

04. Optional course

Students over intermediate level can choose optional lectures. For the detail, please find the attached paper.

05. Teaching method

We are using direct teaching method like most of other schools. We also apply other teaching method necessary for the language study according to the students’ level.

06. Teaching staff

Our teaching staff is composed of experienced teachers, overseas activity experienced teachers in international exchange foundation, JICS and overseas youth cooperation association ,and young and energetic teachers. We assign well balanced team of teachers to the class.