Vision of school

Vision of school

Vision of schoolWe provide best quality of education service to students who sincerely want to learn Japanese for their language ability improvement. We also provide the counseling service for who wants to go to higher education. We assure that students have proper education environment to achieve high quality of academic and practical Japanese level.

The Goal of Education

The Goal of Education

1. Obtain practical language ability

Obtain 4 types of language ability: provide comprehensive language education service and bring up understanding ability (reading・listening) and applying ability (speaking・writing).

2. Broaden knowledge and understand different culture

Through language, try to understand the culture of Japan and broaden knowledge.
By knowing the difference of culture, improve the language ability and bring positive effects on the study.

3. Encourage self-study for the improvement of expression ability

Language is the area which needs students’ voluntary and active participation in the class for the improvement. We provide self- study environment to motivate student and encourage them to participate in the class actively.

4. Various lectures and proper advisory service to academic path

We provide the class deployment according to the goal of students. Based on the school information of higher education which students are targeting, we provide counseling service, article writing lecture and mock-interview session to prepare the actual exam.